Tips to Slow Down Dogs that Eats too Fast

A dog has many habits which are not correct and their owner doesn’t like, if you also have a pet then you must be knowing what are the things that you have to face. Some of the habits can be removed by your efforts like slowing down dogs eating.

Undoubtedly,  dogs love food so much that they start to put anything in their mouth, whatever is in front of them. But if you are not taking it seriously then it can create a big problem in the future, so you should start working on it. The problems that your dog may face are choking, vomiting, gag, bloating, and more.

When dogs eat quickly, without chewing properly then the air enters inside their stomach which enables their stomach to expand. But there is a solution for every problem so as for this, there are few tips by which you can stop your pet dog from eating quickly.

slow down dogs eating

Hand Feeding to slow down dogs eating

It has been found that feeding your dog with hands, instead of giving them in a large bowl helps to slow down dogs eating. It is because you will give food when you see that it is eaten properly, without just swallowing everything. If you don’t have enough time for this then keep a feeder who can do your work.

Put Multiple Tins

Consider this as an idea, or technique but this will work for you as well as for your dog. Put food of your dog in multiple tins, and it should not be more food, but only a small amount of food in all the tins. Also, do not put all the tins at once, first, let him finish one then keep the second one. Do not show him that you have more than one tin in your hands, if he will know then he can jump on you, so try to see this situation wisely.

Separate Your Dogs to slow down dogs eating

If you have more than one dog in your house then at mealtime separate them from one another. You might be thinking about how this is going to bring any kind of change, but you might have also seen that during mealtime dogs start to compete with each other and they run at a speed, and eat very quickly, separating them at mealtime will prevent this situation.

food control


Dogs or any other animal doesn’t know what could be the consequences if they eat food without chewing. So, you are the one who should take care of it and do something about it. You cannot force them to do what you want them to do,  instead, you have to go through some tricks to change their habits.

In this article, I have mentioned a few tips on how to slow down dogs eating process.