Five Tips to Stop Puppies From Biting

Puppies spend most of their time chewing, playing with some toys, and like a human kid whatever they get directly goes into their mouth. As you know the teeth of the puppies are sharp, and when dogs use them on non-living objects then the objects do not respond and don’t move, so puppies think that it doesn’t affect human skin also.

The primary thing is that they are animals, and biting is their nature. You can reduce it but you cannot finish it. Puppies usually bite because they have no clue about how hard they are biting, or harming you. Sometimes during play also they bite you thinking that it is also some kind of playful activity.


 But you can make them understand that it is wrong to bite someone, as they are puppies so they will understand it and may not bite you once they are grown. In this article, I will give you a few tips by which you can help your puppies to reduce biting.

Teach Your Puppy To Be Gentle

When your dog is small or a kid then you can easily teach them anything whereas when the same dog turns into an adult then he becomes aggressive, and may not learn whatever you teach them. They do not know what pair you have to bear when they bite you, and they can only reduce biting when they know about the pain.

Play with your pet more and play till they turn aggressive and bite you, when they do so show them what they have done on your hand and the pain you bear.

Non-Contact Play with Puppies

As I have already mentioned, it is already present in animal nature to bite. If they are taking time to learn, then you adopt a few things and precautions, try to ignore any kind of body contact with your puppy, when you raise your hand again and again in front of them then they become motivated to bite you.

Slapping or Hitting

Sometimes when your pet makes some kind of mistake and you get upset with them then you slap, shout, or may hit them. You think that this way they will get scared and will not repeat it again but it is not the right way. This way they will show their aggressiveness and may bite you harder than usual. You have to make them understand everything with love and affection, if necessary then scold them.

biting puppies

Never Jerk Your Hand

Never jerk your hand from your pet, if your pet comes forward to mouth you then do not move your hand from them. Because doing this they become more motivated to bite and jump up on you. This can happen with anyone and with any pet, even if they are very close to you.

Avoid Disturbing Puppies

When your pet is busy with some other work, like sleeping, playing, eating then try not to disturb them. This activity makes them angry, and they may attack you,  it is also possible that he will not like you and will do this often, biting, mouthing and all.