How to Help Your Pet Dog If He’s Afraid of Water

Every living being has the same properties irrespective of their types and division. For instance, fear of this property is present in almost every living being, but undoubtedly everyone has fear of different things, some fear of living beings whereas some from non-living beings. Few animals like pet dog scare from animals of other species only to stand on top of the food chain.

Talking about your pet dog, then you might be knowing them well, what they like, and what they do not. If your dog scares by water, then he is nothing new there are many dogs who scares by water and more other non-living things. But it is nothing that you as an owner of your pet cannot handle you can easily help your dog, to overcome this fear. Water phobia is among the few common phobias, any pet goes through this kind of fear. It becomes tougher for your pet to overcome it when their owner doesn’t help them to overcome that fear.

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First of all, you must know and understand if your dog really scares by water or not. If your dog hates taking baths or cleanliness, that doesn’t mean he is afraid of it. Here are a few points by which you can help your dog to remove the fear of water.

Never Encourage Their Fear

If you know that your pet dog is afraid of dogs, and he hates being near water, then do not help them to do that. Water is a primary need of any living being. You cannot keep them far away more time, if you are doing so this means that you are encouraging their fear. It is very obvious that at some point your pet will definitely need water. So instead of keeping them away from water, teach them to face it.

Also, do not push them into it all of a sudden instead give them some time and show them water cannot do any harm to them. Keep them near water sometimes for a few minutes, to show them the use of water that’s it.

Swaddle Your Pet Dog

It is very important to make your pet feel comfortable, water is a kind of fear which is very common in dogs. To overcome any kind of fear you cannot push, your dog to do any work. He will be able to overcome it only you will ask him to do that in a very comforting and affectionate manner.

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Swaddling is the best way by which one can comfort their pet, and show them that the thing from which they fear so which is not that harmful and he can easily overcome with any kind of fear or say phobia. If your pet is a baby then keep him in a blanket safely and make them feel comfortable.

If you will be with them then maybe they will feel safe with you and maybe then they can face any kind of phobia and fear.