Pets And People – The Story Of A Relationship

pet and people

Pets and people have come to live in harmony over the years. They’ve become inseparable. You’ve spotted a pet in many households. From large to small. And that makes sense because it has a lot of advantages. A lot of research has been done on furry friends in the house. What turned out to be? Many health benefits have come to light. Pets reduce loneliness and stress while keeping you active and making you more social.

pets and people

Today, pets are part of our lives and are inseparable from their owners. Do you have a two, three, or four-legged friend at home? That says a lot about your personality because the animal is the extension of you as a person.

Pets Under Control

The story of the relationship between pets and people begins at the dawn of our era when they both discover the benefits of their friendship. However, their history is not, as in all relationships, free from conflict and misunderstanding. 

Some periods have really been obscure, especially in the 16th and 17th centuries in England. During his speech, Serpell said that in a country now famous for its love of animals, pet owners run the risk of being accused of witchcraft and executed. This is what your pet has to say about you as a man.


There are approximately 1.5 million dogs in our country. This number makes it one of the most popular strains. Not surprising, isn’t it? You’ll always come across a dog when you walk down the street. And that’s an immediate advantage: you have to walk a dog, so you have to exercise as well.


It’s the chilliest pet around the house. A goldfish doesn’t need a lot of love, and that might be a problem. A lot of goldfish don’t survive the first week. Of course, that says something about the person who buys the fish.


The cat is more popular than the dog. In a way that makes sense, because a cat takes a lot less effort than that. You put a scratching post on your four-legged friend, and you’re the man. 


It’s a delicious exotic creature. But you can’t hold it as a pet bird. So if you’ve got one at home, it defines you.


A hamster remains a pet that is common in the Netherlands. Nine times out of ten, there’s a golden hamster walking around the Dutch cages. Most of the day, these bugs sleep, so that’s easy.


Affective Dependency

Exaggerated love for pets and people is very similar to dependence on someone else, be it a friend, a friend, or a relative.”Since there are persons who actually rely on someone else, are those who actually rely on their pets too. This happens, most of the time, because of attachment, that is, because love is confused with effective dependence. The person ends up feeling happy depending on that,” explains the psychologist.

Pets and people are majorly connected with each other. Dog very attached to the owner: dependence can damage the quality of life of the animal. 

Dogs are animals that are used to socializing a lot. For this reason, it is more common than imagined that some of them develop an excessive attachment or dependence on the tutor. 

Dogs that have been abandoned or spent a long time in non-governmental organizations for adoption, tend to be more in need. In addition, the way your friend is raised is also a factor that can influence this kind of canine behavior. 

Pets and people may develop a higher level of attachment and even a state of separation anxiety if it does not receive proper care. In response, the animal can develop destructive behavior at home, howl or bark a lot when you leave the house, and even suffer a lot in your absence.