Top Reason To Adopting Pets

Adopting pets is restricted to adults without a valid ID card (or passport).

Keep in mind that owning an animal is an investment. Determine how much you’ll have to spend on annual vaccines. Your pets may become ill in addition to regular vaccines, and you must be able to pay for their care.

Check to see if you’re allergic to dogs or cats. Allergies are a common cause for animals to be brought to the Shelter. Before adopting a child, make sure that none of the family members is allergic to hair.

Have you considered what you’ll do with your pet if you have to leave town for a few days or weeks? Ascertain that the pet would be cared for by anyone (e.g., a family member). If you are unable to locate such an individual, review the hotel price list and consider whether you can afford it.

Adopt a pet only if all members of the household consent. Every member of the household must want and welcome a specific pet. Returning to the Shelter can bring stress to your rescued dog or cat, so avoid it.

Do You Have A Place To Live? 

Find out if the owner is okay with having a pet in the house. Some renters do not want pets in their apartments. This is something that should be valued.

An animal isn’t a present! If you want to give a gift to a loved one, go for roses, cookies, or something else appropriate for the occasion, rather than a pet. Everyone must select a friend for themselves, based on their own desires and capabilities.

Adopting Pets

Learn About Pets

When you visit us, set aside some time to see and learn about our animals. You may still inquire about a particular dog or cat from the owners and spend time with the animal. Take your time; adoption is always a decision that will affect you for the next few years.

Take the dog you’ve selected for a pre-adoption walk if he’s ready to be adopted. Get to know it and determine whether it’s an animal you’d like to bring around. If you want a cat, have an employee place it in a carrier and transport it to the Adoption Office.

Process For Adoption 

Come to the Adoption Office with the cat or dog you’ve chosen. Fill out the pre-adoption questionnaire and give it to the person who works there. After you approve the survey’s material, you’ll be asked to sign an adoption contract, for which you’ll need your ID card.

You must also have your own harness and collar, as well as a muzzle if you adopt a big dog.

To safely transport the cat from the shelter, you’ll need your own transporter.

We welcome grants, which we use to cover the costs of veterinary prophylaxis for our students, among other things.

Process For Adopting pets

Things To Do:

You must choose an animal at least half an hour before the Shelter Adoption Office closes to adopt it!

To adopt a dog, you must provide him with a leash and collar, as well as an ID card. A transporter with a pet and ID card is required for a cat up for adoption.

Prepare a cat carrier or a harness and collar (depending on what kind of animal you want to adopt). Select a day when you will have a significant amount of free time.