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Pet Grooming Supplies

Taking care of a pet entails more than just including a balanced diet and adequate exercise. A dog or a cat, like a woman, needs regular hair care and attention to maintain a perfect hairstyle. We at Sewing are well aware of this, which is why we stock knowledgeable pet care items as well as various accessories and equipment for dog hairdressers from well-known and respected pet industry brands in pet grooming stores.

The size, hair length, hair or claw growth rate, and lifestyle of all quadrupeds differ. As a result, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to pet care. With this in mind, the Sewing pet grooming shop strives to provide its customers with a diverse range of products for grooming dogs and other pets, as well as the highest quality accessories and equipment made by zoological experts, to make the hygiene of your pets easier to maintain. We are confident that in the diverse selection, both wire-haired mongrel owners and experienced hooligans can find something to assist them in maintaining the perfect hairstyle of their four-legged friends.


A haircut is an essential part of grooming your dog, particularly if he has hair rather than fur. Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzu, Maltese, and other common breeds of hair that should be trimmed and combed on a regular basis.

When you have a pet of this breed, you must determine whether you want it to have long hair or short hair, taking into account the effects of having to comb it every day and the need for regenerative baths. A dog’s uncared-for long fur collects a lot of dirt, dust, dirt, and even insects. Leaving the hair in this state for an extended period of time can result in a variety of skin issues, allergies, and infections.

Pet Grooming Supplies For Better health


We have many techniques for detangling tangles in the Pasja salon. The method chosen is determined by the number of them and the degree of compacting. Long-haired dog owners are familiar with the issue of knots forming on their pet’s fuzzy coat.

Hair can become tangled and matted as a result of simple negligence, inattention, a small delay in daily combing, or not drying the robe and letting it dry on its own. The tangles are often so loose that they can be combed without damaging the hair or causing discomfort to the quadruped. This isn’t always the case, unfortunately. the end result

Dry combing the tangles cause your pet a lot of discomforts and hurt its fragile fur. In this case, consulting a specialist is the best option. The pet grooming salon has a wide variety of brushes that are ideal for such situations. A bath in special, moisturizing cosmetics (shampoo, mask, oils), which perfectly prepare the hair for detangling, is also a good introduction to the treatment of tangling. They should be chosen carefully because they will make the hair slippery and smooth, reducing the risk of damage during detangling.

It’s critical! After inspecting the dog, the decision to comb the hair is taken. It’s not uncommon for the dog’s coat to be in such poor shape that it’s too late to comb it out. In these situations, the only viable option is to shave off the knots. The owner, however, has the final say in this matter.