What Is The Purpose Of The Dog Licking The Holder? 

dog licking

The majority of dogs lick their owners. Some people enjoy it, while others do not. Do you have any idea why your pet is licking you? Does this imply that he adores you? Or is it possible that the solution isn’t so obvious? We respond! – Dog Licking.

What Is The Aim Of The Dog Licking Its Face?

Licking the mouth area is a show of respect, a declaration of surrender, and a plea for care in the dog’s language. Does this imply that when a dog licks the face of its owner, it is requesting that the supper be returned? Thankfully, no. Because the owner takes care of the feeding, mothers of our domestic dogs no longer need to return food so that the pups learn to eat solid meals.

dog licking

Our dogs, on the other hand, have a greeting ritual that they acquired from their forefathers. Mothers and pups aren’t the only ones who lick their lips. The younger dogs declare themselves to be completely subservient to the senior dogs. Thus, gentle and insecure dogs reassure their clan that they do not seek trouble and respect their dominance.

It’s crucial to look at the situation in which the dog is licking the handler’s face in order to figure out why. As a result, the dog can communicate:

  • The joy at the return of the owner -Licking the face can be a component of the welcoming ceremony.
  • Submission and respect -If the dog exhibits this behaviour in a scenario that he perceives to be contradicting or distressing, it may be a way of reassuring you that he was not doing it maliciously and that you should not be angry with him.
  • Request for assistance -In a tense circumstance, a dog may lick the handler’s hands to seek help and attention.
  • A desire to learn more about the dish you just ate -Sometimes the simplest option is the best solution.

When licking its master’s face, the dog normally has good intentions. It displays its excitement, respect, and submission in this way. There are no contraindications to allowing such behaviour, other than the hygiene issue.

How Do You React When Someone Licks Your Face?

Contact with dog saliva, especially when it comes to the face, is not for everyone. It’s not unexpected, given what we find in our pets’ mouths on occasion. Stop saying hello every time you are licked if you don’t want dogs to welcome you this way. If the dog learns that stroking the handler’s face with his tongue causes him to turn away and lose interest in contact, he will rapidly learn not to do so.

We can presume the following based on the situation in which the dog begins licking the handler:

It’s a grooming technique -In other words, the dog expresses concern for us and declares his love for us. This is how dogs lick one other’s ears and eyes.

Emotions are relieved by dogs -The act of licking a dog has a relaxing effect. Dogs suffering from chronic stress may lick their owners compulsively in order to calm their raging emotions.

The dog is interested in what we’ve just done -The language, like the nose, eyes, and ears, offers information to the dog. Dog receives information about what we have recently touched when it licks its hands.

dog licking

The dog examines the handler to see if everything is in order -Because a dog’s senses are so acute, licking a person conveys information to the dog, such as the feelings that the handler is now experiencing.


As you can see, the same activity can serve multiple purposes and have multiple meanings. Licking provides information to your dog, as well as being a part of a relationship and a means to communicate feelings. You can safely let dogs act like way as long as you are not disgusted by dog saliva.