Cat Allergies: Symptoms and Treatment

Many times individuals with cat allergies are truly sensitive to proteins in the cat’s spit, pee, and dried drops of skin. People with hypersensitivity have an oversensitive resistant structure of the body. It makes things a lot harder than it already is. The bodies of such people botch innocuous things like feline dander, for risky intruders, and assault them as they would cause microscopic organisms or infections.

The warning signs of the allergic reaction are the signs of your body’s assault at the allergen, or trigger. Many such examples of cat allergies are there. Allergens can emerge from your cat’s lifeless skin, salivation, or even their pee and taking into consideration the danger or entering in physical or distant touch with those allergens can surely push the motive a hypersensitive response.

Cat Allergies

There is no need for you to own a cat to get hold of cat allergies since it can also travel via the clothes of other people. However, you may not experience any sort of cat allergies for a few days if your levels of allergen are quite low. The allergen levels can cause severe itches on your skin or around the area of your nose, eyes and can also lead to swelling and stuffy nose.

Moreover, if you experience any chills, vomiting or severe fevers then it’s most probably due to any other illness rather than being caused by the cat allergies. When the cat allergens transfer into your lungs. Then it gets combined in a battle with your antibodies leading to the showcase of the symptoms. The symptoms are coughing, breathing issues and other breath related issues. It can also trigger chronic asthma attacks so you have to be very careful.

There exist two kinds of allergy tests due to which you can get to know the results of whether you are being diagnosed with any cat allergies or not. The skin prick test and the intradermal skin tests tend to give results at a fast pace. It is also are much inexpensive than the blood tests.

Allergies by cat

Treatments to treat cat allergies

You can find a lot of possible and helpful treatments to treat your cat allergies some of them are as following;

  1. Use decongestant sprays
  2. Loratadine (Claritin)
  3. Cromolyn sodium prevents any chemical release from your immune system and also helps in the reduction of the symptoms.
  4. Corticosteroid nasal sprays amongst which mometasone is quite famous and effective.
  5. Montelukast being a leukotriene inhibitor helps a lot in the treatment.
  6. Try immunotherapy’s allergy shots.
  7. Flonase
  8. Benadryl

One can also opt for some home remedies although people say that home remedies work wonders. But still not completely advised by the doctors. One of the most effective and proven home remedies is nasal lavage. Wherein you can use salt water to deep clean and rinse your nasal passages. It which tend to reduce congestion and help in controlling your never-stopping sneezing. You can make the liquid by combining around 1/7 teaspoon of table salt and with 6 ounces of water.