Characteristics Of The American Foxhound 

Foxhound is the first of the dog breeds in the United Kingdom to be dominated by modern breeding. There were hounds of more great antiquity, including the Bloodhound, and the Southern Hound and anything new was needed to combat the wild deer which had become dispersed following Cromwell’s civil conflict at the ends of the 1970s As a result, there was a need for a faster hound than any of those previously available, and people who were passionate about hunting started to raise it.


Quite bright and firmly set, with a determined smile and a calm demeanour. The Foxhound has a striking appearance.

The American Foxhound 

The neck must be completely free of any skin ruffles. The length of one’s neck is essential for pandering and projecting majesty.


Eyebrows conspicuous, cheeks cut smooth from its eye to the nasal cavity, ears placed lower and in their normal habitat thin and curvaceous, but not wide, nose wide, jaw firm and level, and tiny dewlaps, posture fierce, although with the best always repellent.

Feet and legs

From the arm down, the backbone ought to be completely flat and decrease in the identical size towards the ankle. The knees must be nearly flat and straight, with no curve before the toes, which ought to be round, solid, and cat-shaped, with each toe tidy set such as it is.


The blades will be deep into the rear and slope, however, they should be broad and solid enough to reach the large and strong arms.



Belvoir tan is a black and brown tan with white patches in different sizes and shapes that are completely interwoven. The whites must be translucent and transparent. White and black with tan stymies and forehead patterns. Badger pies are white and grey in colour. Lemon, medium purple, and white pied. A deeper white and yellow hare vole.


The coat is made up of rough hair that is small and sleek, with a texture that is stiff like brushes but wonderfully laid.


Dogs are 23-1/2 to 24 inches tall, while bitches are 22 to 22-1/2 inches tall.