Can Animals Do Have Positive Effect On Human Health?

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Animals have been with humans for generations, but in the past, they were almost solely utilitarian. Over time, this relationship began to evolve. In spite of the fact that many animals still fulfill utilitarian duties, such as working dogs (police, guard, rescue), they are generally regarded as family members or close friends. Many people are persuaded that they have a positive impact on human health, and they are able to justify their beliefs with ease. Our “lesser brothers” have a positive impact on our health, especially the heart’s function, according to scientific studies.

How Does Animal Contact Affect Us?

Stress Is Reduced By Their Use.

We feel calmer and more relaxed when we are in contact with an animal. A pet’s presence triggers the body to release oxytocin, whether we pet it or merely look at it. The Hypothalamus, a region of the brain, produces oxytocin. It is most commonly connected with birthing. It affects the formation of bonds and activates defensive responses in the body. Post-traumatic stress disorder in war veterans is treated with animal contact. Scientists have tested the amounts of the neurotransmitter oxytocin in persons who come in contact with dogs.

human health

Oxytocin levels assessed before and after the interaction. Owners who had a better relationship with their dogs had higher levels of oxytocin, according to the study’s results of human health.

The Dogs Lift Your Spirits.

Even watching a cat or dog play makes us happier. Parrot or canary watch has a similar impact. In addition, animal contact aids in the treatment of depression and increases self-confidence and competence. It is impossible to focus solely on one’s own troubles or ailments when one is caring for an animal.

They Help To Reduce Cholesterol Levels.

There’s no doubt that this has an indirect effect. There are several factors that affect cholesterol levels, but exercise is one of the most important. As dog owners, daily walks are a must. Seniors, who tend to stay at home owing to a variety of illnesses and have no other options except to travel to the clinic and a local store, benefit most from it. In these situations, the dog can be a true lifesaver! Although it is better to choose a dog earlier rather than later for an elderly person

They Reduce The Amount Of Pressure.

The benefits of touching fur animals are responsible for all of this. Study results reveal that pet petting as effective as taking half the dose of a blood pressure-lowering medicine prescribed by doctors, according to scientists at New York State University in Buffalo.

human health

Chronic Pain Tolerated With Their Support.

The animal’s presence serves to divert from physical pain and discomfort. Dogs and cats admitted to hospitals all around the world, a procedure well known. It noted that patients who allowed to interact with their pets felt less pain as a result. When young patients see their four-legged pals, doctors give special attention since they don’t fully comprehend why they hospital and they terrified of the unfamiliar surroundings and feel abandoned. In different rooms, children benefit from meetings with dogs.