All about Cat Breeds And Their Origins

cat breeds

Cats have essentially taken care of their own breeding for hundreds of years. Originally, they were only used for one thing: hunting and destroying rodents. With the passage of time, we started to breed cats that were more to our taste. Cat Breeds now come in a variety of varieties, that you can identify when you look carefully.

There are now over 70 different cat breeds that are accepted by cat directories. There are a few registries that can identify about 40 breeds, excluding the more wild breeds like tigers. There’s many types of wild cats, including those with longer hair.

cat breeds

Different Origin Of Cats

Few cat breeds may trace their ancestors back thousands of years. Few Japanese breeds, like the Japanese Bobtail, have a history dating back over half a century. Across the whole of Medieval Japan, such cats have been very popular and well-known. However, they are now almost a legend in Japan and the rest of the planet.

Alley cats, long-haired cats, and Persian cats are among the most popular cats in North America. Persian cats are extremely common and have proven to be wonderful companions. Siamese cats are also popular, despite their reputation for being destructive and having a bad temper. Based on where you’re from and what kind of your Persian cat pet it is, Persian cats are very costly.

In North America, alley cats seem to be the most popular. While many of us relate to them as alley cats there are many different varieties. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of them, they make excellent pets. Cats are the most prolific breeders of all pets, and that they will tend to do so until they are prevented. Since there are tens of billions of street cats with little to do but breed, alley cats are one of the most breed.

cat breeds

Cats Colour

The best way to say what type of cat is to glance at him or her. Some people prefer to go by colour, despite the fact that colour is more difficult to distinguish. Cats of various breeds, like Persian and  Siamese cats, have distinct appearances. Siamese cats are often black, and their colour and eyes make them easy to recognise. Persian cats, on either hand, can be recognised by their body shape and fur.